Inkas High Security Safes

Inkas safe in closet

Back to All High Security Safes INKAS® safes, a Canadian product, are engineered for security and rigorously tested to ensure they can’t be pried, unscrewed, drilled or cut open. Advanced Composite Wall Structure uses proprietary mix of metal layers to provide the toughest protection Reinforced Steel Doors protect locking mechanism with bulletproof metal plating Solid […]

Inkas RSC Burglary Safes

Inkas RSC safe in room

Back to All Home & Office Safes INKAS® RSC Series is an economical & affordable home safe. They are made by a safe manufacturer specializing in high security commercial safes. The INKAS® RSC Series is made in Canada…not China. Door is 1 ½ inch composite construction (barrier material enclosed within steel plates) Body is 1 […]