Safe Moves & Delivery

Keep on trucking CE safes

Since 1989, we have accepted the accountability and responsibility of being both the sales and delivery company. We are a full-service provider. As a distributor, we have the factory references to back our word. In the era of internet scams and uncertainty, we take the apprehension out of the buying and delivery process.

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We don’t just stop at the curb. We deliver into your house or business and place the safe where you need it.  We respect your property and privacy and use the highest levels of care when handling your safe. Our trucks are not marked with our company name or with any advertising about safes.  Your privacy is further protected during the moving process with the concealment of your safe as much as possible. We are in the security business and understand your privacy and discretion concerns.

Once we show up in our unmarked commercial box truck with lift-gate, we unload the boxed safe on the pallet and our crew proceeds to:

    • unbox the safe in a garage or other covered area for your inspection
    • remove the safe from the pallet


NOTE * To unload the safe and our equipment, access to the delivery structure should be clear of any obstacles (boats, RV’s, vehicles, dumpsters, etc.)  For a standard delivery, surfaces up to the structure should be hard and solid, like concrete or asphalt surfaces. Non-standard access is going over dirt, sand, grass, stone, or pavers. Job sites with ongoing construction are also non-standard.

Being prepared, safety of our staff, and protection of your home and property are important to us.

It is the customer’s responsibility to:

  • Measure the space to verify safe will fit. Tight turns and size of hallways may limit size of safe.
  • Measure path of travel to verify safe can be placed in the desired location.
  • Make sure any contractors on site keep the area clear of obstructions for our delivery crew.
  • If needed, request a site survey by our delivery manager.

Once safe is delivered to you, our crew will:

    • Level the safe to minimize or eliminate door swing
    • Bolt safe to floor (additional charge) upon request
    • Attach any lights or dehumidifiers if ordered
    • Show you how to operate the unit
    • Remove the packaging or leave box with you by request

We are aware of the considerable apprehension of having a heavy item brought in and moved across tile, marble, and wood floors. Up to 85% of our deliveries involve tile, marble or wood flooring. There are two methods of protecting your tile / marble flooring.

For lighter safes up to 1,100 lbs. we use a 4-wheel rubber tire dolly.
For safes above this weight, we use aircraft grade aluminum plates.
(Our in-structure delivery includes up to 40 feet of blanketing and plating the floors.)

We have delivered over these surfaces for over 33 years, delivering thousands of safes, with few issues.

Our basic delivery includes two continuous steps, combined height of no more than 12 inches for up to 1,000 lbs. For safe weights over 1,000 lbs. a single step is included in the basic delivery with a height of no more than 6 inches.

Should you want the safe placed on an upper floor involving stairs, we will discuss logistic options, like stair climb, hand carry, or crane. Multiple steps or stairs inside or outside requires time & equipment. We may request photos or a site survey by our delivery manager.

Private residence elevators have a limited weight capacity. The elevator capacity is important to know prior to delivery. Commercial elevators or condo type buildings will generally have elevators with weight capacities of 5,000 lbs.

A substantial part of our business is moving or relocating our customer’s safes and safes purchased from other suppliers. We can deliver and install your safe at its location in your Florida home or office.

We have the capability of moving commercial safes up to 6,000 lbs. and residential small and large safes, including gun safes and jewelry safes.

Our Moving Services:

  • Room to room
  • Structure to Structure
  • City to different city
  • South Florida to mid / upper Florida
  • Stair climbs or hand carry (weight limitations)
  • Moves to upper floors (elevator)
  • Arranging for hoist jobs when necessary
  • Building custom ramps
  • Unloading from, or onto moving trucks at your location

**Download our Move Request Form, fill out, and send back for a quote (Move Request Form.PDF)


Safe will be delivered by common carrier and unloaded via lift-gate onto a flat, paved surface as close to a covered area, like a garage, as possible. The carrier is not responsible for bringing the item inside your home or business. Standard access for the carrier’s truck is a paved street, room for wide turns, straight driveway under 50 feet in length, minimal or no incline. Any exceptions to this, please let us know in advance.

Delivery & Install

Many of our customers are able to arrange for the placement and installation of their safe, prior to shipping. For customers that do not have a designated service, we will be happy to assist in finding a local delivery company and installer.

Installer Options:

  • Ship safe to installer facilities, where they can receive the safe via dock or forklift, then deliver the safe to your location and install it.
  • Hold safe at destination terminal for dock pickup, where installer picks up your safe for delivery to you and in-structure installation.
  • Come to your home or business after you have received the safe and complete the delivery and installation for you at that time.