Fort Knox Vault Doors

Fort Knox® vault doors ensure your valuables are safe and secure. A vault room will give enough secure storage for any collection including guns, personal heirlooms, business and family records, jewelry, photographs, and artwork.

Available in two different sizes, 8240 and 8248, each vault door is built from thick, hardened steel. Extra steel options are available.  Add layers of cut-resistant AR500 steel, torch-resistant stainless steel, or carbon steel.

Brand models featured:

  • Vault Door In-Swing
  • Vault Door Out-Swing


Fort Knox® offers three distinctive finish options:

Textured; A thick durable scratch resistant paint finish perfect for garages, shops or storage rooms.

Gloss; A beautiful acrylic urethane enamel paint finish with unmatched luster.

Distressed; An industrial looking finish that shows some aging and random imperfections (No two are the same).

Fort Knox® vaults are American made on American soil.

Vault Door Features

Door Edge Steel Thickness
Locking Bolts
(19) 1 ½” diameter
(24) 1 ½” diameter plus corner bolts
Door Swing
Swing Left or Right
Swing Left or Right
Door Hinge Type
Hinge Caps
Not Applicable
S&G Electronic
Pull Handle Bar

Feature Options and Accessories

Fort Knox Internal Hinge
Internal Hinge
Fort Knox External Hinge
External Hinge
Fort Knox Left Hinge
Left Hinge
Fort Knox Right Hinge
Right Hinge

Fort Knox black chrome hinge caps
Black Chrome Hinge Caps
Fort Knox Silver Chrome Hinge Caps
Chrome Hinge Caps
Fort Knox Gold Hinge Caps
Gold Hinge Caps

Fort Knox Mechanical Lock
Mechanical Dial Lock
EMP Proof (not affected by EMP pulse)
Fort Knox Electronic Lock
S&G Electronic Lock
EMP Resistant
Standard on Vault Doors
Fort Knox Redundant Dual Lock
Redundant Dual Lock
EMP Proof
Fort Knox biometric lock
Biometric (Fingerprint) Lock

Fort Knox Gold Pull Handle
Gold Pull Handle
Fort Knox Silver Pull Handle
Silver Pull Handle
Fort Knox Black Chrome Pull Handle
Black Chrome Pull Handle

Fort Knox door organizer
Fort Knox Door Organizer Charcoal
Charcoal Fabric
Fort Knox Door Organizer Brown
Brown Fabric


Crushed Velour

Carpet Beige Color
Beige Color
Carpet Silver Color
Silver Color
Granite Velour
Granite Color
Black Velour
Black Color
Chocolate Velour
Chocolate Color
Sand Velour
Sand Color

Fort Knox 2-Tone Blue Fade
Fort Knox Cherry Wine
Fort Knox Mercedes Platinum

Pick any 2 colors for FADE EFFECT – blending frame color into door color

Pick any 2 colors for 2-TONE hinge, joining frame color and
door color in contrasting colors