ISM High Security Safes

ISM Magen Goldman is a global safe manufacturer established in 1914. ISM is responsible for numerous developments and innovations in the fields of safes engineering and security. ISM is among the world leaders in the safe & vault industry. The physical construction, use of composite materials and a unique locking mechanism all combine to create a maximum security barrier against all forms of modern burglary attacks.

Fire Protection: 2 Hour, 350 Degrees Factory Fire Rating

Bolts & Locking Mechanisms: 3-way active boltwork.  Double-action locking mechanism. Glass plate relocking protection on locks.

Locks: Two UL approved locks.  Mechanical or digital combination lock and a high security key lock.

Interior: Adjustable removable metal shelves. Custom Interiors available.

Brand models featured:

  • Bullion TL‪-30 Safe
  • Ultra Vault TL-30×6 Safe
  • Super Treasury TRTL-30×6

ISM TL Rate Safe Models

Features Bullion Ultra Vault Super Treasury
Industry Rating
U.L. Certified
U.L. Certified
U.L. Certified
Fire Protection
Factory 2 Hour (120 minutes) Class 350 (internal temperature degrees)
Locking Bolts
Solid Steel – 3-way active multi-directional boltwork 1.6” diameter
Door Thickness
3.55 inches
3.55 inches
4.25 inches
Wall Thickness
3.55 inches
3.55 inches
4.25 inches
Multi-layered structure of cast concrete, outer and inner steel plates
Door reinforced with patented anti-penetration alloy grid
Door & all sides reinforced with patented anti-penetration alloy grid
Patented alloy grid plus Alchronite, ISM’s torch & drill protection on all sides
Double locking system with UL approved lock (mechanical or digital) and high security keylock protected by random glass plate relockers
Door Pull Handle Bar
Standard on sizes 3219 and up