Inkas High Security Safes

INKAS® safes, a Canadian product, are engineered for security and rigorously tested to ensure they can’t be pried, unscrewed, drilled or cut open.

Advanced Composite Wall Structure uses proprietary mix of metal layers to provide the toughest protection

Reinforced Steel Doors protect locking mechanism with bulletproof metal plating

Solid Steel Deadbolts slide to secure safe door in place and protect from prying attempts

Heavy-Duty Machined Hinges secure hinges in place and protect from removal attempts

Fire Protection is 2 Hour, 350 Degrees

Heavy-Weight Construction prevents safe from being carried off the property

UL Certified Digital Lock guarantees protection from lock picking and tampering

Interior is adjustable removable metal shelves. Custom Interiors available.

         Brand models featured:

  • Titan UL-TL15 Safe
  • Neptune UL-TL30 Safe
  • Saturn UL-TL30×6 Safe

INKAS® TL Rate Safe Models

Features Titan Neptune Saturn
Industry Rating
U.L. Certified
U.L. Certified
U.L. Certified
Fire Protection
2 Hour (120 minutes) Class 350 (internal temperature degrees)
Locking Bolts
Solid Steel 1 ½” Diameter Sliding Bolts
Door Thickness
3.5 inches
3.5 inches
3.5 inches
Wall Thickness
2.5 inches
2.5 inches
2.5 inches
Full composite - barrier material enclosed within steel plates
1/4” ballistic steel protects bolts
Plus ¼” ballistic steel all sides
Lock Barrier
1/2-inch Ballistic steel plate in door plus Glass Relock system
Door Pull Handle Bar
Standard on sizes 3219 and up