Champion Safe Estate Series

The Estate Series home safes by Champion feature wood pull-out drawers in addition to a plush velour interior with adjustable shelves for storage of your precious valuables, including documents and jewelry.   

  • Body is 2-3/4″ thick composite
  • Door is 4-1/2″-thick Double-Plate
  • Door Bolts are 4-way active, 1 ¼” diameter
  • External ball-bearing hinges have up to 180° door opening
  • Handle is 5-spoke with slip clutch-drive system
  • Classic Steel Arch Doorway™ design
  • Interior is plush velour with wood pull-out drawers
  • Deluxe Door Organizer features jewelry hooks, mesh and suede door pockets for additional storage
  • LED Lighting with Motion Sensor
  • 110-Volt Power Receptacle
  • Lock is S&G® mechanical lock (digital electronic lock optional)
  • UL® Security Rating
  • 1200° F 2-Hour Fire Rating (internal max 350°)
  • Lifetime Warranty


Body Pressure formed 11-gauge steel wall and up to 3 layers of fire insulation
10-gauge outer steel, full 14-gauge inner steel & 3 layers of fire insulation
Door Edge
3/4" multi-layer edge reinforcement against pry attack
Door Frame
Double-steel door casement™ adds strength and rigidity to body
Locking bolts
4-way active, 1-1/4” – diameter door bolts
Stops bolt movement when door is open, protecting mechanism & finish
Lock Protection
Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate™ thwarts cutting attack
Fire Protection
1200° F 2-Hour Fire Rating (internal max 350°)