Fort Knox Titan

The Titan Vault begins with a 3/8” thick dual body constructed of a 3/16” carbon steel body and 3/16” (7 gauge) ArmaKnox AR500 inner steel liner. The AR500 steel liner gives you a safe-within-a-safe style security and provides superior protection. The ArmaKnox AR500 is three times harder than regular steel. In addition to dual steel bodies, the Titan has a massive ¾” door edge consisting of 3/8” inner steel, a layer of 3/16” AR500 Steel and 10-gauge outer steel wrapped around 2 layers of fire wall. The door is held in place by 18 count 1 ½” diameter locking bolts and 4 star corner bolts. The wide corner bolts cover maximum surface area, securing the corners of the door to prevent attacks from prying.


Fire Protection 1680 Degrees F in 90 Mins
Overall Body Steel Thickness
Door Edge Steel Thickness
Locking Bolts
18 – 1 ½” Diameter
AR500 Steel Inner Liner
Corner Bolts Standard
Door Organizer
Hinge Caps

Feature Options and Accessories

Fort Knox Internal Hinge
Internal Hinge
Fort Knox External Hinge
External Hinge
Fort Knox Left Hinge
Left Hinge
Fort Knox Right Hinge
Right Hinge

Fort Knox Crane Hinge
Crane Hinge
Fort Knox Crane Hinge w/ Graphic
Crane Hinge w/ Graphic Distressed Finish Option

Fort Knox black chrome hinge caps
Black Chrome Hinge Caps
Fort Knox Silver Chrome Hinge Caps
Chrome Hinge Caps
Fort Knox Gold Hinge Caps
Gold Hinge Caps

Fort Knox Mechanical Lock
Mechanical Dial Lock
EMP Proof (not affected by EMP pulse)
Fort Knox Electronic Lock
S&G Electronic Lock
EMP Resistant
Fort Knox Redundant Dual Lock
Redundant Dual Lock
EMP Proof
Fort Knox biometric lock
Biometric (Fingerprint) Lock

Fort Knox Gold Pull Handle
Gold Pull Handle
Fort Knox Silver Pull Handle
Silver Pull Handle
Fort Knox Black Chrome Pull Handle
Black Chrome Pull Handle

M Series LED closeup
Fort Knox LED light 2
Fort Knox LED light 3

Light fixtures are installed inside at top and sides of safe.
Electric powered and motion activated when door is opened.

Fort Knox door organizer
Fort Knox Door Organizer Charcoal
Charcoal Fabric
Fort Knox Door Organizer Brown
Brown Fabric

Sand Velour
Fort Knox Chocolate Velour
Chocolate Velour
Fort Knox Granite Velour
Granite Velour
Fort Knox Black Velour
Black Velour
Fort Knox blue hyde velour
Blue Hyde Velour
Fort Knox Wine Cosmos Velour
Wine Cosmos Velour
Fort Knox Green Hyde Velour
Green Hyde Velour
Fort Knox Purple Hyde Velour
Purple Hyde Velour

Fort Knox 2-Tone Blue Fade
Fort Knox Cherry Wine
Fort Knox Mercedes Platinum

Pick any 2 colors for FADE EFFECT – blending body color into door color

Pick any 2 colors for 2-TONE hinge, joining body color and
door color in contrasting colors

Fort Knox small jewerly cabinet
Fort Knox drawer unit small
Fort Knox jewelry file drawer
Fort Knox large drawer unit
Used in 4026 and 6026 safe sizes
Configure Options:
  • 1 File and 6 Small Drawers
  • 10 Small Drawers
  • 2 File and 2 Small Drawers

Used in 6031 and larger
Configure Options:

  • 1 File and 8 Small Drawers
  • 12 Small Drawers
  • 3 File Drawers

(Black jewelry tray inserts are not included. Must be selected separately)

Fort Knox Drawer 1
Fort Knox Drawer 2
Fort Knox Drawer 4
Fort Knox Drawer 5
Fort Knox Drawer 6

Tray Fabric is Black Velour

Fort Knox Dehumidifer Rod

Dehumidifier rods cause air to circulate within the safe, preventing moisture.
They are available in different sizes, depending on the safe’s capacity.