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Burglar in hallway

To most property owners, security involves buying products (or components) such as alarms, hurricane windows, door locks, CCTV, and other forms of surveillance.

Often, they do not see the need to have a safe until they have been victimized.

In many burglaries the victims had security products. However, these security products, including safes, were not adequate for several reasons to stop the would-be burglar from stealing valuables and property.

In the same way my law enforcement background is related to my safe business, the suggestion that consumers develop a security plan for property protection relates to purchasing a safe.

Your property protection will be as effective as your weakest point. Your safe or vault may be the security component that keeps your valuables secure.

Alarms are not a physical barrier. Alarms will intimidate some burglars. Other burglars will ignore the alarm and calculate they have so many minutes inside a premises before police will arrive on site.

Police generally are too few in number and cover too large an area to be there when suspicious people or events occur.

The following is a good “true life” example of achieving a desired outcome because the homeowner purchased a quality safe.

Burglars entered the homeowner’s residence through a side window in which the alarm did not activate. The entire sliding glass window was pried away, not activating the contact alarm. Police believe the burglars were in the house for 1 to 2 hours. The homeowners were out of the country. It was suspected the burglary was an “inside job” However, their safe was too well built to penetrate and too heavy to move far. The burglars ended up activating a motion sensor in a different area of the residence and left with no loss to the homeowner. Ironically, when buying a safe the homeowner was resistant to the cost but understood the focus was to secure valuables inside a quality safe in the event other security components failed, which some did.

Security products or components like safes are often bought with the lowest cost being the motivating factor. It is common for customers to not place a high priority on property protection.

Most responsible people do not want to waste money but want a best value. Careful consideration of the appropriate safe to protect what you worked so hard to acquire is worth some time and investment in learning about safes.

If you do this right, your chance of suffering an unforeseen loss will be reduced. This is worth your time and resources, and we are here to help.

~ Curt Price, C.E. Safes

sketch of home security layout